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Tiger Fluids Stock Locations

Tiger Fluids is continually striving to increase our presence to serve our customers across the Asia-Pacific region. Alongside our ability to deliver product to locations across the region, we are increasing our stock locations across the region to make it easier for our clients to get the product and service they desire.

AMS Townsville

Asia-focused, we have stock locations with our regional distributors in Indonesia (Bogor) with PT. International Drilling Exploration Supply. We also have a strong presence in Papua New Guinea (Lae) with East West Drilling and Mining Services, so Tiger Fluids can provide the level of service that our clients are looking for.

Tiger Fluids has established itself in Australia, and we are growing our presence across the continent.

AMS in Perth

Tiger Fluids has established stock points with our distributors, Australiasian Mining Services and East West Drilling and Mining Services. Currently we are located in Townsville (Queensland), Bendigo (Victoria), Singleton (New South Wales), Kalgoorlie (Western Australia) and Perth (Western Australia).

Tiger Fluids’ key mantra is to provide exemplary service to work in partnership with our products to achieve outstanding results.

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