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Announcing New Tiger Services

Backed by decades of industry experience, our vision is to offer customers drilling solutions that will enhance and grow their business. To fulfil this, we are launching four new services complementing our drilling fluids. As a result, our clients can benefit from our vast industry network and know-how.


Thanks to our wide network of contacts in the drilling industry, we can help you source, hire, and sell equipment across the globe.

Many of our clients are in need of marketing support. We are therefore introducing digital marketing services to help grow their business in an increasingly competitive environment.


Although we are offering these new services, our core business will continue to be drilling fluids:

  • Quality products that are field-tested

  • Expert engineering support

  • User-friendly training, onsite and offsite


Equipment Sourcing Are you looking for unique drilling equipment? Tiger can help you by:

  • Finding equipment such as rigs, custom stabilisers, cement plugs, mud tanks, and more.

  • Negotiating on your behalf to ensure you get the best deal.

Equipment Sale Facilitation Do you have drilling equipment for sale? Thanks to our vast network, we can:

  • Create a listing to showcase your equipment.

  • Find a buyer at a price you are happy with.

  • Facilitate the sale to ensure both parties are satisfied.

Equipment Hire Is there equipment that you are looking to hire? With Tiger, you can now:

  • Find equipment that you want to hire in a price range that suits your budget.

  • Rent annular diverters, a safety requirement on many drilling operations.

Digital Marketing Are you losing business because your marketing is out of date? Our in-house marketing expert can improve your brand with new:

  • Website design

  • Content

  • Social media

  • Email blasts

  • App development

For more information, email us at or click here to contact us.

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