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Tiger Fluids Online Mud School

Tiger Fluids recently launched our Online Mud School that allows anyone – from Drillers and Offsiders to Geologists and Mining Professionals – to learn the basics of mud anywhere, anytime.

The Tiger Fluids Online Mud School can be found at and is currently priced at A$49 with full access to all modules. On completion of the course, Tiger Fluids awards a Certificate of Achievement to participants, after passing a short simple exam with a 70% mark.

Tiger Fluids Mud School

As passionate Mud Engineers, we developed this innovative idea because we found that mud schools performed at site to be disruptive to the drilling program. Often times, rigs have to be shut down entirely to perform a training and in the drilling game, time is money. Having an online mud school available to them at all times gives drillers the opportunity to learn at their own pace. The course can be completed in an hour or two, while in the office or on even on break.

The Mud School modules include ‘Why use a Drilling Fluid, Filtration Control, Viscosity’, ‘Functions of a Drilling Fluid’, ‘Clays and Shales’ and many other relevant topics that give the student a good basic understanding of the functions a fluid performs in the drilling process.

Tiger Fluids Mud School

For more information on the Tiger Fluids Mud School email us at and visit

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