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Tiger Fluids Rhys Clarke

RHYS CLARKE Manager Australia & Papua New Guinea 

Rhys joined Tiger Fluids in 2013 and is responsible for our key markets, Australia and Papua New Guinea. With over 22 years of industry experience both as a Drilling Supervisor and a Drilling Fluids Engineer, he now develops and supports Tiger Fluids clients throughout the region. Rhys is a well-known industry figure with a broad network and has developed a particular expertise in the mineral and CBM fields of Australia, New Zealand, and PNG. With extensive time spent in the PNG/Pacific region, Rhys has been instrumental in the creation of our remote drilling fluid systems, which limits the number of products required to complete most holes.

Tiger Fluids' senior management is made up of industry experts that bring decades of experience and dedication to the team.


Tiger Fluids Keith Steel

KEITH STEEL Managing Director

With close to 50 years of industry experience, Keith founded Tiger Fluids in 2012. He previously held top management positions at Baroid, Schlumberger, and Imdex (AMC) working in all corners of the globe. Now, he maintains Tiger Fluids' most senior client relationships and drives product development with his extensive know-how. He is also Director of a large Oilfield Supply Company and was Chairman of the Society of Petroleum Engineers for 15 years in Singapore. His breadth of experience in the drilling fluids industry is considerable, both from a technical and operational perspective, in all aspects covering oil & gas, mineral exploration, CBM/CSG, TBM and HDD drilling. Keith is considered an industry expert and has received multiple awards for his contributions.

Tiger Fluids Chris Steel

CHRIS STEEL General Manager

As General Manager of Tiger Fluids, Chris oversees the company's day-to-day business activities. An engineering graduate of Southampton University in the UK, he joined Tiger Fluids as Operations Manager, bringing with him close to 15 years of experience in finance and operations. Taking over as General Manager in 2014, Chris has worked in the drilling fluids industry in Australia and Asia for the past 7 years, providing technical support and expertise. He is on the Australian Drilling Industry Association state committee and is based in Melbourne, Victoria. 

Keith Steel
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