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Tiger Fluids now distribute a range of specialised Oil & Gas premium compounds in Australia:


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BESTOLIFE® compounds come in a wide array of lab-tested and field-proven formulations for drilling, production, and industrial purposes. Every application has unique characteristics for use with projects of any size, from the largest to the smallest. They hold up to environmental conditions ranging from high temperatures to high humidity and from arctic blasts to desert heat. BESTOLIFE® compounds include special additives to accommodate your every requirement. Their motto, coined in the 1930s, still holds true: No matter the drilling condition, BESTOLIFE® has the solution.


A unique, thixotropic, grease-like corrosion inhibitor, Kendex® OCTG was developed and evaluated specifically for long-term rust protection of oil country tubular goods. The highly polar, microscopic platelets are parallel to the metal surface, forming overlapping particle layers that function as a moisture barrier. 


  • RUST PROTECTION - Prevents pipe thread rusting for more than 5,000 hours of salt fog cabinet testing when applied at a minimum 10 millimeter thickness, displacing moisture to ensure good bonding and protection.

  • SELF-HEALING - Ability to creep at least 1/2 inch after application to protect areas not coated or where the coating was displaced. 

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