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UG1000 – Tiger Fluids' New Underground Drilling Product

Tiger Fluids have recently revealed their new product “Tiger UG1000” which is specifically designed for underground diamond drilling.

Tiger Fluids new underground drilling product, UG1000

Tiger Fluids spent over twelve months researching the drilling fluid needs and requirements for underground diamond drilling. The research revealed the need for a product that is in a liquid form which makes administering easy and being a liquid product this eliminates airborne particles from other powdered products. Size and weight were taken into consideration when manually handling drums. The size of 18 litres was implemented with this in mind.

Due to size constraints and room available when drilling underground we have introduced “UG1000” to allow drillers to drill through most conditions with minimal products required onsite. Tiger UG1000 is a blended product that assists with hole stability, wall cake building and core recovery.

Some of the benefits of Tiger UG1000 are listed below.

  • Easy mixing

  • Rapid increase in viscosity

  • Controls fluid loss

  • Inhibits hydratable, dispersive shales

  • Produces thin, solid filter cake

  • Effective in fresh, brackish and saline water based fluid systems

  • Aids hole cleaning and core recovery

  • Compatible with most other Tiger Fluids additives

  • Non-fermenting and environmentally safe

For any additional information, product purchase locations or pricing of our UG1000 please contact us at

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