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Tiger Fluids Welcome Joe Barker

Tiger Fluids is thrilled to announce that industry veteran and expert Joe Barker has joined our team as Business Development Manager based out of Perth Western, Australia. Joe started his drilling fluids career as a Geologist in 1969. With this strong foundation, he moved to mud engineering in the Oil and Gas field, eventually holding senior management positions with various global drilling fluids companies. With close to five decades industry experience in all corners of the globe and in-depth technical and operational know-how, he is a welcome addition to the Tiger Fluids team.

Here is all you need to know about our newest team member: Name: Joe Barker Location: Perth, Western Australia Position: Business Development Manager Education: Degree in Geology and Chemistry Strengths: I have hands-on experience implementing and adapting drilling fluids technology for multiple drilling disciplines and geologic challenges. My understanding of geochemistry has been the driver in creating systems designed specifically for each drilling environment. Previous Countries: England, France, Italy, Holland, Canada, USA, South Africa, Malta, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Iran Most memorable drilling fluids experience: Being on a rig when it blew out in Northern Canada

Favourite Tiger Product: Tiger Trol because it is such a versatile product. Our formulation allows it to be used in almost any form of drilling and has many characteristics that make it universally useful. It is a good viscosifier and has excellent carrying capacity. With its wall cake building properties, it can easily be used on its own. Hobbies: Target pistol shooting, travelling

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