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Tiger Fluids helping out in India

Drilling operation in Assam, India

​​A request was made to Tiger Fluids from Dart Energy to see if we could assist with a problematic CBM drilling operation in Assam, India. The rig had spent almost 3 months with very little progress due to unstable borehole conditions.

This instability resulted in many hours of reaming and redrilling to get back to bottom. The core recover was also very poor and becoming stuck was always a strong possibility as the hole kept collapsing.

Mud system setup

A Tiger Fluids engineer was dispatched to site and a review of the drilling fluids system was completed and recommendations were given. The

operator accepted these recommendations to change the mud system and further requested a change to Tiger products to ensure quality. Prior to our visit, other products were being used.

Tiger fluids products on site in Assam

The changes were implemented and with further support of Tiger Engineers both onsite and online. Since the Tiger Fluids visit to site, two wells have been drilled successfully to TDs between 800 and 1,100 meters. The project also highlighted the usefulness of TIGER COREMAX, our proprietary borehole stabilizer and the effect it can have on hole stability. It was used in conjunction with a salt polymer fluid system and it enabled broken and dispersive fragile formations (including coal) to be cored relatively trouble free which is a first in that area.

The success in Assam follows the documented success of Tiger fluids products and onsite support at the OK Tedi mine in Papua New Guinea which was published in the Asia miner magazine last year.

For this article please see the link below.

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